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In 1986 I started as a freelance fabric designer for a company called Amex (Emanuelle and Moustache) which is still one of my clients; the name, however, has changed to Mexx.

Over the years I worked for several brands and companies all over the world in various segments of the market (fashion, interior, ceramic, kitchen, you name it), always on freelance base. I often experienced tight deadlines, hectic times and there never were dull moments; I loved it.

When I started my career, we did all our work by hand and even now the computer is still just a tool for me (a very important one nonetheless). I always try to find the best way to create my designs, making sure I’m not limited by the application I work with. For example: I found a way to create woven checks and stripes just with Photoshop, instead of complicated or expensive programs.

You can see the experience and skills I have and the various designs I made in 30 years on this site. Please have a look enjoy!

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